We’re here to help. If you don’t find an answer here, feel free to reach out via email or give us a call at (217) 698-7665

What’s your return policy?

We offer 30-day returns on non-chemical items with a receipt, however, we cannot accept returns for pool chemicals due to a change in federal law.

Do you ship?

We can ship non-chemical products anywhere in the US. Please email us with your requests and we will see how we can help.

Do you offer free water testing?

Of course! We have a SmartLab 2 system set up in-store. Just bring a bottle of your water and let us do the rest. You’ll receive a printout of recommendations and we even track the history of your tests! We offer free testing for new customers and with any purchase. Stand-alone tests are $5.

How much is service?

Right now we charge $130/hr for service calls and $1/mile for service outside of the Springfield area, in town service has a $9 fuel surcharge. Parts and chemicals are not included in that price.

Do you offer free estimates?

We offer complimentary estimates for pool liners both above ground and in-ground. Service calls, however, are subject to the standard hourly rate to diagnose the issue.

When can I open or close my pool?

We open and close pools seasonally with most openings occurring in late April and most closings in mid-September. Both closings and openings for in-ground pools are $350 plus the cost of chemicals. There is an additional charge for mileage if the pool is outside of the Springfield area. Openings are intended to get the pool chemistry started and additional care may be needed, because of this, we cannot guarantee crystal clear water after an opening.

Do you build pools?

Yes! Starting with the 2021 season, we are delighted to offer in-house above-ground and in-ground pool builds! Above-ground pools are priced as the kit plus installation, which varies based upon the install location, while in-ground pools are all bid. Please call or email for more information!

When can you install my new pool liner?

Pool Center has staff on hand that builds and replaces pools and pool liners. We use a waiting list method to determine installation order because we cannot predict when the weather will allow the season to start. Both above-ground and inground pools require an average daily temperature of 72 degrees in order for the liner to properly stretch. Customers on the waitlist will be notified a week prior to installation.

Speaking of liners, how do I order one?

We stock a small collection of liners, however, due to space constraints, choose to special order most liners. This gives you the best selection and liners usually arrive in ten days. Once paid and ordered, we can schedule the install when the weather permits. For the 2021 season, we have a limited stock of Above Ground liners and will not be getting more in! Inground selection is not affected.

Do you offer guarantees?

Almost all of our products come with a manufacturer’s warranty and we are also the authorized warranty repair company for all of the brands we stock as well as for local insurance and home warranty companies. We give a one year warranty for any labor we perform but do not extend any product warranties past the manufacturer’s offer.

Why are your liner prices more expensive than online retailers?

Pool liners are sturdy pieces of vinyl and come in different thickness sizes, referred to as “mil”, they vary from 13mil to 60mil (60 being the thickest.) Most cheap liners that you buy online are between 13-16 mil making them extraordinarily thin and brittle. These liners are prone to tearing, leaking, and outright failure and that is why we choose not to stock them. With pools, you really do get what you pay for.

My liner wrinkled, what gives!?

Some wrinkling and unevenness are natural to liners, however, bad pool chemistry can also cause shrinkage or expansion, making creases and folds appear in the walls. Keeping your Ph in balance is key to not only good water feel but is also integral to the upkeep of the pool itself.

Can’t I just use bleach and baking soda for my pool?

While bleach and baking soda may be chemically similar to ingredients in pool chemicals, their concentration as well as other ingredients such as binders, could not be more different. Pool chemicals are formulated for their intended use and oftentimes have higher concentrations, or appropriate concentrations, than so-called home substitutions. Straight bleach can make a liner brittle and also stain the liner while baking soda tends to clump and clog filters and pipes- all of which is much more expensive to repair than using the correct chemicals.

Why are your chemicals more expensive than Walmart?

Pool stores have special licenses and housing requirements that allow us to sell higher-quality pool chemicals. Many of the brands you find at big-box retailers are of a lower concentration and have binders, usually animal fat, added to dilute the product. Using these chemicals can, over time, lead to clogged pipes- your pool can literally have a heart attack.

Can I convert my pool to salt water?

Saltwater pools are wonderful and get rave reviews, but the equipment and chemicals are completely incompatible with chlorine setups. In order to convert, the pool must be drained and new equipment installed. For that reason, it’s best to choose your chemical solution from the start!

What’s the difference between chlorine and salt pools?

Both salt pools and chlorine pools use chlorine to balance the PH. The difference is in how the chlorine is intorduced into the water. Standard pools have chlorine added directly (shock) while salt water pools use salt cells and electricity to generate the chlorine that balances the pool. Customers who have salt pools tend to adore them because the chemical upkeep is lower and the water has a better feel, however, the upfront cost is much higher.

What if my problem wasn’t solved?

Pool & Spa care can sometimes get complicated and there are cases where problems go beyond estimates and expectations. In most cases, we will do everything in our power to correct the issue and make the customer happy. If you are not satisfied with our service please reach out directly to Chris Osman.

I looked you guys up and there are some bad reviews, what gives?

Unfortunately, we have had issues with employees not meeting the expectations set forth by our philosophy. While there is no excuse for these incidents, we have done our best to make amends and all offending parties involved have been removed and replaced. We are committed to winning your trust back. If you have had a great experience with us, please leave a review on the platform of your choice!