Frequently Asked Questions

Pool Questions


Are you able to quote me a pool over the phone?

As there are many variables that effect price, we cannot accurately give numbers over the phone. We are happy to show you the options and give you an exact and detailed written quote when you come in.



What size of pump do I need for an above ground pool?

This depends on the pool size and gallons.  Generally pools under 14,000 gallons take a 1 Horse Power (HP) pump. Larger pools require a 1.5 HP pump.  We have a large variety of Hayward pumps in stock.



Do you carry other than Hayward parts?

Yes we carry some Pentair, Waterway and Intex parts. Others we will special order.



I have an Intex pool and a cartridge filter. Can I use robotic pool cleaners?

No they cannot be used.  You can use hand held, battery operated vacuums that can attach to vacuum pole. We have these for sale.



Can you mix Hayward and Pentair products?

Yes, however the parts are not interchangeable.  We prefer Hayward products as we are their vendor and service center.



For in ground pools a 1 HP pump will work up to 25,000 gallons.

My above ground pool needs new wall caps, tracks or feet. Do you have these?

These parts are specific to the company that made the walls.  If you have Trevi, Swim n’ Play or Hoffinger Industries walls, we may be able to get you these parts.



I have a salt pool. So I am not a chlorine pool?

No, the salt in your pool is used to create chlorine. Bioguard has a specific product line for the salt pool systems.  If you do not want chlorine in any form, we have alternatives, please ask us about them.



I am looking for a (spa cartridge / pump basket / skimmer part); do you carry it?

We carry hundreds of parts. The old piece, part number and or photos will help us greatly find the part for you.



Chemistry Questions


Why has my blond hair turned green?

You may have a high copper content in your water due to the base water or a copper algaecide that is lower quality. Bioguard’s algaecides are designed to not allow this to happen. We also sell a copper reducer product.   Also, beauty supply companies generally have products to remove the green.


Do I need to have my salt checked every time I do a water test?

No, it is not necessary after your pool is open and your cell is generating properly. Salt can only be removed from a pool by splash out, backwash, leaks or moderate rain.



Is household bleach acceptable to use in my pool?

No. Household bleach is not PH balanced for pools. We offer stronger pool liquid chlorine.



I only want to use liquid chlorine. Will this hurt my pool?

No, but bags of shock are more potent and generally are less expensive. Bioguard shock is formulated to be quick dissolve so you do not need to brush.



Why is my water cloudy?

This can be one of many factors in your pool water. We can best serve you by bringing us a water sample to analyze.   Common causes are poor filtration, high PH or high dissolved solids.




Sand Tank Questions


How often do you need to change your sand?

Every three years if you are chlorine, and use a sand cleaner yearly.

Every other year if you are Baqucil or the superior product Softswim by Bioguard


My sand tank is leaking from the backwash, how do I fix this?

You may need to change out parts in the multi-port valve at the top of the sand tank.

We carry many of the gaskets and o-rings.